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End of Summer 2016 | Bakersfield Family Photographer

Summer is over. This week my firstborn started Transitional Kindergarten, and my little one started daycare. It’s a bittersweet time of my life as a mom. I’m sad that they will not by my side everyday but I’m happy that they willView full post »

Taking The Kids’ ‘Everyday Photos’ in Summer | Bakersfield Family Photographer

In my previous personal post, I said that I would share some more summertime photos I took of my children. Most of the photos that I’d like to share today are their everyday photos I took in our backyard after 4PM. I usually takeView full post »

Summertime| Bakersfield Family Photographer

Today, I want to share a few personal photos. My kids in our Bakersfield home. For us, summertime means playing with water in the backyard and going to the community pool, and/or going to a water park almost everyday. It’s lazy, it’sView full post »

Wildflower Photo Sessions in Bakersfield | Bakersfield Photographer

It was my first time seeing the prettiest wildflowers in Bakersfield (what a shame!). But I’m pretty sure that it won’t be the last! This location was unbelievably magical. I’m so glad that my photographer friend Britney and I wentView full post »

Koray’s Cake Smash Session | Bakersfield Baby Photographer

My sweet baby boy Koray Alp turned ONE two weeks ago! It’s hard to believe for me that he is already one!! He is such a happy and a chill little man and he definitely is one of the very most wonderful things that has ever happened to me in myView full post »

My Kids | Bakersfield Family Photographer

Recently we have been spending plenty of time outdoors. Usually we’re outside on the weekends very early in the morning or later in the afternoons before sunset. Sometimes we even stroll to pick my daughter up from school. I reallyView full post »


Since my son was born (in January), I’m so busy. I’m busy nursing, changing diaper, carrying my son all the time, doing more laundry, and changing diaper again, etc. And recently preparing baby food, cleaning up the house more oftenView full post »


Today I turned thirty… Otuz (in Turkish)… It seems such a big number to me. When I was a teenager, thirty year old people always looked too old to me – like middle aged people. And now I’m in that age. I have been thinkingView full post »

Morning | Bakersfield Photographer

It was on Father’s Day. They had just woken up. Usually at least one of them cry or start screaming early in the morning (5:00AM or something), and wake everybody else in the house. This time they were both up at the same time. Happy andView full post »

Family Time

We have a pretty small backyard but every year we get so inspired to plant new flowers and organic veggies to welcome the spring. This year we planted  tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, parsley, spinach, carrots, zucchini, strawberries and pepper. Also weView full post »


Melodi Photography is ONE Year Old!!

It was one year ago. I took the first official step to make my dreams come true! I made Melodi Photography real! I was so happy but super scared at the same time. Having a business requires so much commitment. I knew  that. So many questions in myView full post »

Sweet Children | Bakersfield Children Photographer

I’m so happy that my daughter is gifted with these great friends. The world is a happier place with the company of them. And looking at them melts my heart!! (Where is my heart emoticon when I need it?) :)View full post »

My Newborn Baby Koray | Bakersfield Newborn Photographer

Hi everybody, I have some good news. I was blessed with baby #2 in January 13th! I have been thinking about this post for a long time but I couldn’t really find the right words to describe my feelings. (OK, I admit, I couldn’t find theView full post »

Project 52 | Bakersfield Photographer

I’m beyond excited to finish and share the 52 Weeks Photo Project ( I did in 2014, which is a collection of weekly photos of my daughter. It was a year full of laughter, excitement and newView full post »

My “Ready to Pop” Baby Shower!

It’s been such a busy season for me that I couldn’t really find the time to share my personal BIG NEWS with you all officially. I’m expecting a baby boy!! What’s more, he is almost here! And we are so excited as aView full post »


Recently the life has been quite hectic for my family. We prepared for the biggest trip of the year for weeks and then it was cancelled in the last minute. Now we were supposed to be somewhere by the Aegean Sea laying on the beach andView full post »

Book Party with Judi

Yesterday I hosted a book party. That was the first time I had such a book event in my house so I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but everything turned out so much fun! Sweet Judi from Usborne Books and More came and showed us someView full post »


In the fall of 2010 I did a great thing. I started a blog! A personal blog that I write in my mother tongue! I think it’s one of the best things I did in my life. I write about my cooking, my travels, my photography, my crafts, my successes,View full post »